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the Hoe in Plymouth

Plymouth Hoe – best place to see for a view?

Trivago calculates an index called best value and Plymouth has topped the index this year.

How is this calculated? Good question and I don’t have a definitive answer for you. The company says each city must have a minimum of 50 hotels and it combines hotel price data with user reviews and ratings, and cities that fared well were praised for the good location, friendly staff, spacious rooms and affordability of their hotels. In what proportion each of those items is used in the index isn’t clear but whereas price is often the overriding factor, here that doesn’t appear to be the case. Sheffield, for example, comes 6th in the rankings yet offers the cheapest hotel prices out of the 26 cities analysed.

After Plymouth comes another west country city, Exeter followed by Salisbury, Inverness and Norwich. The first of our capital cities, Cardiff, comes in at 15th with Belfast at 18th, Edinburgh at 22nd and London propping up the table at 26th.

London performs really badly with an index of just 46.64. When you consider that Manchester, just one ranking above at 25th score 68.25 and Plymouth scores 90.33 you can see how badly London languishes. Given that London is supposed to be the UK’s face to the world, this is poor but might be attributed to the huge numbers of hotels and the varying quality and star ratings of them. Nonetheless if I was promoting London tourism I would want to look at the index and see how it stacks up to other available information whilst knowing there wasn’t a lot I could do about the horrendous (just my view) prices charged at London hotels even the budget ones.

Plymouth on the other hand can bask in its glory safe in the knowledge that the Hoe, the heritage, the Plymouth Gin Distillery (with samples!) and the aquarium attract visitors as much as the shopping facilities and events do.

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