The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™

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harry-potter_25Last May, I was given some news about what to expect when Universal Studios in Hollywood opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ but not when it would open.

Now we know; April 7th 2016 is the big day.

It seems that Harry Potter can do no wrong – are far as theme parks are concerned. There are people who have to see whatever is connected to the lad hence all the razzmatazz in the announcement. A week or so ago, I had an e-mail urging me to be around on the day the announcement was to be made; social media went into overdrive and then it came. You could have summarised the announcement in one sentence but that wouldn’t be how Universal would want to do it. All the Hollywood glitz has gone into the announcement so how it will be as the countdown to the April day approaches? Here is the announcement on YouTube which has already had more than 175,000 hits.

Universal say that the world will be faithful to the visual landscape of the fiction and films, including Hogwarts Castle which will serve as its focal point. From its snow-capped roofs and cobblestone streets they say that “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” will transport guests to the very places they read about in the stories or watched in the films. You’ll enter through an archway to find that Hogsmeade is like a local village: merchants hard at work, a train conductor welcoming new arrivals and a pub packed with hungry. There will be the signature ride, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” and the family outdoor coaster, Flight of the Hippogriff™.”

The company claims that the ride has a groundbreaking robotics ride system, fused with elaborate filmed action sequences and immersive  effects.  In this updated adaptation of the ride, guests will sport Quidditch-inspired 3D goggles as they venture through journeys,  spiraling and pivoting 360-degrees along an elevated ride track on a whirlwind adventure of a lifetime.

The Flight of the Hippogriff™ will open as Universal Studios Hollywood’s first outdoor roller coaster. There will also be shops which, Universal says, will add to the authenticity of the land with eight retail venues and locations, including Honeydukes™, Ollivanders™, Owl Post™, Zonko’s™ Joke Shop, Wiseacre’s Wizarding Equipment, Dervish and Banges, Gladrags Wizardwear and Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods™.

If a Californian holiday is one you are considering next year, it might be an idea to sign up to get more information at   There is a chance that discounts might be available as opening day nears.



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