Autostadt’s Christmas time

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Winter at Autostadt c Leitzke Matthias

Winter at Autostadt c Leitzke Matthias

Think of Germany in the run-up to Christmas and markets probably spring to mind. Carved wooden toys, hot alcoholic drinks, Christmas ornaments and any variety of food is probably what you imagine

But at Autostadt in the German city of Wolfsburg, there is a different sort of market. Wolfsburg is home to the German car maker, Volkswagen (which includes Porsche amongst its marques) and Autostadt is a theme park for those with a passing interest in (celebrating its fifteenth birthday this year)for those with a passing interest in cars.

Autostadt is one of Germany’s most popular tourist destinations. More than 30 million guests have visited the automotive theme park and it claims to be the world’s most frequently-visited automotive museum.

For value for money, Autostadt takes some beating. Evening tickets for €7.00 are valid from 16:00 and are redeemable as vouchers for the equivalent value in the restaurants or at the winter market. The ice rink and snow world won’t cost you a penny more and the last ice show is at 23.30.

This year, the winter festivities have already started and lights have illuminated the chimneys of the historic Volkswagen power plant. The park and lagoon areas are also lit and there are ice shows outside the Porsche Pavilion. Those ice shows revolve around eight of the world’s great cities: New York, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Paris, Macau, Las Vegas, Berlin and London. Linking in with this world cities theme, an array of winter specialities are available including, for example, roast pork from London and hot borscht from Moscow. Naturally a German theme still pervades so there will be bratwurst from Nuremberg and Viennese “Kaiserschmarrn” – sliced pancakes.

Autostadt is a bit different from other Christmas offerings because it also presents one of the UK’s long standing attractions – a murder mystery called Murder on Board in which visitors take part sustained by drinking mulled wine and punch whilst trying to track down the murderer.

Incidentally, whilst on the subject of solving murders I can think of American, Australian, British, Belgian, Italian, Swedish and French detectives but is there a German, car loving one?


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