Galloping Blue Zebras

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Blue zebras

Blue zebras

Actually Blue Zebra’s don’t gallop, they swim. They are fish and are one of the attractions to be found in Lake Malawi. Known locally as Mbuna Cichlid, it means “rock fish”, which refers to the rocky outcrops in the lake in which it lives. They can be as small as 2.5cm in length, with larger species approaching nearly 1m in length which is a surprising range for one fish.

Blue Zebra’s are endemic to Lake Malawi, where they are most commonly found living in the north and north- eastern areas of the lake, in rocky formations along the shoreline, and around rock caves and crevices. Just like zebras on the land they live on plants.

Lake Malawi is one of the largest in Africa, boasting a unique aquatic ecosystem that contributes to such a diverse palette of fish life. Although a lake of crystal clear fresh water, Lake Malawi’s size and depth gives it a sea- like appearance, with one side barely visible from the other, and long stretches of totally uninhabited golden sandy lakeshore.

The lake is a real life aquarium, and home to more species of fish than in all the lakes and Rivers of Europe and North America put together! That is what draws visitors to the country, not just the land wildlife or the aquatic zebras but the huge array of fish species.

Naturally, Lake Malawi provides the opportunity for almost any water sport you care to think of. The lakes size, its warm freshwater and its beautiful surrounding beaches make it a magnet for those seeking an all-year round location to swim, scuba dive, snorkel, water ski, sail, kayak parasail or simply potter about in boats.

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