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The new campaign tells you there is much more in Morocco

The new campaign tells you there is much more in Morocco

Morocco was one of the few countries at World Travel Market recently that introduced a new promotional headline.
Called MuchMorocco, the campaign will be launched in the UK to encourage us to holiday there. The campaign uses the concept of ‘more’ to promote the Kingdom’s extensive heritage and culture, its food, architecture, landscapes and people, all of which combine to make it an unmissable destination for today’s travellers.
Amine Boughaleb, director of the Moroccan National Tourist Office in London said: “Our aim with this campaign is to bring the essence of Morocco to holidaymakers. It is warm, vibrant, friendly, accessible, stylish …all qualities shared by Morocco as a country.
For travellers with more time on their hands, a holiday to Morocco can include anything from sunbathing on Agadir’s nine-kilometre long beach, skiing in the Atlas Mountains, visiting film sets in the desert, surfing in some of the best waves in the world and exploring the heritage of the country.


Djema El Fnaa in Marrakesh

Djema El Fnaa in Marrakesh

Travel agents are being briefed, posters created so you will find it difficult to avoid images of the country once the campaign is in full swing.
What Morocco is trying to also fight against is a downturn in the number of tourists visiting next year because the country is in North Africa. Some people will recall the experiences seen in the media this year in Tunisia and Egypt and avoid anything in North Africa whereas, on the whole, Morocco has remained peaceful, welcoming and facing none of the problems the other two countries have faced.

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