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Now the authorities should look to other parts of an aiport and show us that it is secure.

Now the authorities should look to other parts of an aiport and show us that it is secure.

Yesterday it was announced that flights by Thomas Cook, Thomson and Monarch would not resume to Sharm el Sheikh until November 25th. British Airways said it would not resume its flights until next week either.

At the same time, the chief executive of Qatar Airways, Akbar Al Baker, said on on Bloomberg TV that passengers were the airlines most expensive asset. Qatar Airways would only fly where passenger safety was assured.

As I mentioned last week, many in the know thought that security at Sharm was not as stringent as I could be. Now it looks as though there will be increased measures not only at Sharm but at a number of other airports as well including, some that should practice what they preach, as the security authorities consider the possibility of other threats.

It isn’t just Sharm where lapses are thought to have taken place. The travel trade will list any number of airports where laxity has been spotted. But it seems to take a disaster in order to get the authorities to act. As Mr Al Baker said passengers were an airlines most expensive asset and they need protecting otherwise what has happened in Sharm may happen elsewhere and passengers will vote with their feet. Security must be seen to be in place not just hidden away.

Before passing through to a secure area is tightly controlled in most places. Those are the areas passengers see. It is behind the scenes – the baggage areas, the airport apron and runways, the perimeters where the fire stations are and the practice areas that must be tightly monitored as well. How many times has someone cleared the fence at Heathrow in a demonstration against airport expansion? What if that had been a terrorist?

Passengers as well as those considering attacking us must file that security is so tight that nothing can go wrong. I wish that were the truth but the determined crackpot will find a way given enough time and attitude. The authorities need to show they are one step ahead as they showed last week when advice was given to the British government to suspend

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