We have a new passport

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UK passport

the old passport which will be replaced by a new high-tech security one

A new British passport has been unveiled with extra features to make it the most secure travel document ever issued.

We’ve come a long way since a letter requesting safe passage was the method of passport of a couple of hundred years ago. I still have my thick blue one, the type before it was agreed to have standardised EU passports and which still requested safe passage for the named individual.

The new passport expands on the existing biometric one by trying to even further tighten up security features.

There are now images of famous Britons as well as buildings and other historic highlights such as the as the penny black stamp. William Shakespeare appears in a new high security watermark design on every page whilst on each page there is a collection of images showing our scientific, artistic and architectural achievements. Amongst the men who feature are the landscape painter, John Constable and the contemporary artist Sir Anish Kapoor. Only two women appear which has resulted in a lot of criticism particularly coming after the debate on how few women are on our banknotes. They are Elisabeth Scott, the architect, and Ada Lovelace, one of the first computer programmers.

Additional security features include adding a single sheet of paper from the personal details page to the rear to deter tampering and forgers.

Will this one be more secure than the one it replaces? Forgers are probably working on trying to copy this one already. C’est la vie!

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