Uncomfortable dinner parties

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us flagWe all know what a dinner party can be like when one guest upsets the host. The US Ambassador to the UK – Matthew Barzun – admitted that it was a result of a dinner that has allowed Britones to become part of the US Gobla Entry system.

That one guest had asked the ambassador whether the newly installed representative really wanted to help Britons. If so, he could make it easier for us to get into the US.

Global Entry is a US system whereby overseas citizens can apply, get vetted and once approved, will find it easier and faster to visit the US. What is involved in that you apply though our Home Office website and pay a £42 processing fee. Then, once UK authorities have vetted you, an access code is received and you can apply for Global Entry using the Global Online Enrolment System. You pay $100 to apply and then, if approved, you are invited for an interview with a US Customs and Border Protection person who will approve or refuse you. Applications can be made from December 3rd.

Once you have passed though this what advantages does the traveller going to the US have?

You will be able to pass through security and border much faster. According to one speaker yesterday, people that are members confirm this.

It certainly isn’t for everyone. Only 125,000 Brits travel more than four times a year to the US so it is to that special category that the system is really targetted. Paying nearly £100 to go through this system – say £400 for a family of parents and two children who have a second home in Florida would probably put them off.

Is it worth the value? Probably only if you have time problems and every second counts. Most will be business peple who will charge it to expenses. But there ways around the queues. Fly into a smaller airport like Raleigh-Durham or Charlotte where there are fewer international flights and you can still get through the system quite fast. Pick a flight ( I admit this requires some hard work and knowledge) that lands at your destination when few other international flights are due which I did successfully in flying into Minneapolis.

But the system is now up and running and one person will be grateful. The US ambassador will have more congenial dinner parties in future.

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