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Is the tiger yawning or fancying you for lunch?

Is the tiger yawning or fancying you for lunch?

At the World Travel Market which opens in London’s docklands today to travel trade people from around the world, many of the slogans and marketing straplines that I mentioned last year and the year before are still being used.

Costa Rica is still essential, India is !ncredible and Brazil, sensational. South Africa is still inspiring new ways and Uganda is the pearl of Africa. I haven’t visited the section devoted to Europe yet but there will probably still be many of the same ideas.

Do two animals rather than one  increase tyeh appeal of the destination

Do two animals rather than one increase tyeh appeal of the destination

I thought, then, that I would look at how some destinations are using animals since a good image of a furry creature often attracts people to ask.

The scariest image I came across was from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh where a tiger looks down at you its long tongue either about to lick its lips at the thought of you for lunch or maybe, it is just having a yawn! Its rival state, Maharashtra, also selected a tiger. Odisha in the same country promoted itself by having a poster combining both a tiger and an elephant thus topping its rival Madhya Pradesh!

Yunnam was one of the destinations in China to use pandas

Yunnam was one of the destinations in China to use pandas

Sri Lanka also thinks that big cats will attract tourists but it chose two affectional leopards in a tree to encourage you to book a holiday there.

At least three provinces of China opted for cuddly panda to emphasise that you should visit hem to see one of the rarest animals on earth.

Botswana picked the most unusual animal to help publicise its wildlife. No lemon for them, they opted firstly for a honey badger. It continued that theme by also using a bee-eater in mid-flight on one of its other promotion pieces whilst claiming that the country offers adventure –redefined

a honey badger promotes Botswana

a honey badger promotes Botswana

As well as using its previous tag line, “Magical Kenya” it did have a new marketing message, Using the strapline “why I   (and then a heart shape) Kenya” it had a number of images including one rather dejected looking rhino.

North Cyprus had also opted to use the approach it had been using for years but it did offer the chance to see turtles emerging from their eggs and bustling down to the sea and some sort of protection from predators.

Mongolia opted for wild horses as did Uruguay   but the US state of Arizona continues to emphasise both cowboys and wide open spaces by having horse riders staring into the far distance.

Bolivia's colourful promotion

Bolivia’s colourful promotion

Qatar went for a solitary antelope on a dune in a vast expanse of desert. Mozambique, on the other hand, was not publicising animals you might see on a safari but its sea life. Under an image of a whale lunging of the Indian Ocean, it urges you to visit “The fascinating Destination.”

Taiwan's eating and drinking bear

Taiwan’s eating and drinking bear

Bolivia must win the award for most colourful with its artistic use of a toucan in a slightly surreal poster as it says that it “awaits you.” Taiwan, on the other hand uses a cartoon of an animal in its approach. It is still claiming to be “Asia’s best kept secret,” but a smoothie drinking bear or one bicycling will be seen in its advertising!



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