City breaks more popular than beach holidays

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Are beach holidays on the wane? © Dan Sperrin

For the last two years, ABTA’s research has had those people taking city breaks replacing beach holidays as the most popular form of holiday. Are we falling out of love with the beach?

Probably not.

For a start the percentage difference between the two types of holidays is small and secondly city breaks are generally short whilst beach holidays are 7 or 14 nights. It would be easy to have both types of holidays in the one year.

When you look at the answers to that question then there is a possibility that beach holidays are under- surveyed because the third type of holiday – and a long way behind – was an all-inclusive holiday at 18%. All-inclusive holidays tend to be away from cities. They could be in mountains but more than likely it is a beach resort that was included such as those in Gambia, Caribbean islands and the Egyptian Red Sea resorts.

First Choice, a significant provider of holidays in the UK market, which metamorphosed into just a supplier of only all-inclusive holidays a year or so back still predominantly offers holidays near beaches.

If a survey is going to tell us where we prefer to holiday then it needs to be more accurate than the ABTA one offers. The tag “all-inclusive,” is masking whether the holiday was an activity one or one at the beach. So beach holidays may not be dropping in popularity after all.

Incidentally, the next most popular type of holidays were a lakes and mountains holiday at 11%, cruising at 10% and an activity holiday at 8%.

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