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VisitEngland-Logo1-250x188VisitEngland has launched awards to recognise accommodation providers that give the warmest welcome.
Called the ROSE awards, these will be handed to 100 establishments where the owners, managers and staff ‘go that extra mile’ and ‘really know how to delight their customers, irrespective of their star rating, style or type of accommodation’. Each year VisitEngland will announce another 100 recipients.

This is laudable and it seems churlish to complain since customer service is a vital component of any holiday. Rewarding accommodation providers is important in maintaining and improving on customer service so why do I complain?

It is because I see no reason why it should be limited to 100 each year. If there are 101 or 1001 that fulfil the criteria then those establishments should be awarded a Rose. Equally, if there are only 10 or 20, then the awards should be reduced to that number. Having a limited number each year suggests a few problems, the first being that it becomes a competition for a place whereas it should be winnable for any place. Secondly, limiting it to 100 could mean that in one year the standard is very high, whereas in another it is lower so comparing winners from year-to-year could be invidious.

This year, the winners include 60 B&Bs/guest houses, 19 self-catering, 16 hotels, 2 parks/campsites, 1 narrowboat, 1 serviced apartment and 1 glamping site.

VisitEngland’s chief executive James Berresford said: “Celebrating those who go that extra mile by raising standards, they will no doubt encourage others to raise their game.” But to help others raise the game, give out as many or as few awards as justified.

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