Mary Berry or Uma Thurman

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Nick Longman    - one of the few people wh is not a Mary Berry fan

Nick Longman – one of the few people wh is not a Mary Berry fan

At the ABTA convention last week, tour operators and travel agents have been looking for words to describe how business will be in the future.

The prize for the most interesting comment must go to Nick Longman who is the managing director of our biggest tour operator, TUI. Not only did he say that “…the customer’s journey has been confusing so moving from Thomson to TUI will help…” but he philosophically proclaimed that “…“At the moment, if TUI was a woman, it would be Mary Berry, but we would like it to be more like Uma Thurman.”

That the Thomson brand will gradually be consigned to the rubbish heap in favour of the TUI name is interesting enough considering it means more to most travel shoppers than the hard to pronounce TUI. ( is it “twee” or “too-ee.”) But to want to reject a Mary Berry image at the moment seems to be turning marketing on its head.

After all it was Ms Berry and the bake-off team that has grabbed the biggest ratings and the biggest appeal. Isn’t that what a brand would want; a regular awareness amongst consumers rather than the one hit wonder of a film?

Of appeal to all travellers is a tried and trusted name and whilst Ms Thurman has these as well, Ms Berry is probably more widely known. And she is forever linked with the second most wanted passion that people have – food. When did Ms Thurman last produce a pudding, a cake or a dessert to die for?

Ms Berry comes across as approachable and tens of thousands see her in person at food festivals around the country; Ms Thurman is just an image on a screen that is rarely seen other than at film premieres.

No, we won’t familiarity, cosiness, approachability and trust. And that is what Ms Berry seems to be as is Thomson and quite unlike Ms Thurman and the dreadful TUI name.

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