A tale of two terminals

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Terminal 1 at Dublin Airport

Terminal 2 at Dublin Airport

This year, terminal 2 at Dublin airport celebrates its fifth birthday. Terminal one doesn’t; its much older and it shows.

This year, terminal 2 at Dublin airport celebrates its fifth birthday. Termnal one doesn’t and it shows.

Terminal two is still bright and shiny and looks much newer than it is. It could have been opened yesterday. It is modern in design whereas the outside of terminal one reflects its age; the concrete is that Soviet style block that was so popular amongst builders and architects at the time and, although it has had some improvements in the front to dress it up, inside it feels out-of-date and, dare I say it, grubby.

and terminal one

and terminal 1

Walk in terminal one from the car park to the left luggage area (its cash only, no credit cards) and it is shabby and looks as though it hasn’t seen a lick of paint in a while. But go to across to the ground floor and head towards “Upper Crust” and things deteriorate. On one of the plastic covered benches there is a huge tear to which a lady who was about to sit down drew my attention remarking that it seemed that the airport had just decided to have nothing to do with terminal one other than to let planes arrive and depart. Obligingly, she stood aside letting me photograph it.

In terminal two the food court was smarter and people came and cleared and cleaned tables as fast as people left.

the lady moves to show me the torn seat

the lady moves to show me the torn seat in terminal 1

There seemed some pride in their work. It was slightly different gateside as the galleria food court ( only two shops and a flight simulator to play with) was busy yet in the forty minutes I was there, n-one came to clear a table or remove the cold chips and discarded sugar packets from the floor.

By the escalators on the ground floor there is one of those stand-alone customer satisfaction machines which seem to be springing up everywhere and serve no purpose other than as another toy to deflect passenger comments. If there had been one in terminal one, which downturn face would passengers pick? Could Dublin airport be waiting for terminal one to slowly fall apart so that it can build a new one? Or does it just not care what the terminal looks like?

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