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Aberdeen - where the lights dimmed on rising hotel prices

Aberdeen – where the lights dimmed on rising hotel prices

It may only be a small drop but the Hotel Price Index issued by said that UK hotel prices dropped by 1% in the first six months of this year.

The reason I mention this is because hotel prices have risen and risen over the last five years which may have been good news for hoteliers but not for us travellers who have either had to grin and bear these continual price increases, trade down in our expectations of just not travel so much. Could this small downturn be the end of that price spiral?

I would like to think so but the rest of the survey is not so encouraging especially when you see that the biggest fall in hotel prices was in Aberdeen – down 18% – which has been hit by lower oil prices meaning that fewer oil connected workers have been travelling there.

For Scotland, prices seem to have dropped in St Andrews, Dundee and Edinburgh as well makingit an attractive destination for the traveller at the moment.

London mirrored exactly the overall 1% fall with its average price decreasing to £135 from £137.

Could it be that the downturn in Scotland and London is skewing the results down and, in the rest of our countries there are increased hotel accommodation prices? I fear that may be so since price rises in cities where value-for-money prices have existed saw some of the greatest hotel bed increases such as Coventry, Nottingham, Cardiff, Belfast and Swansea.

Whether this will be good news for the traveller will probably need the publication of the next Hotel Price Index Study in six month’s time.


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