Caught in the squeeze

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can we all comfortable sit in a plane?vIt will surprise no-one that humans are getting bigger. But are airline seats? Generally airlines will grab any extra inch they can and then, plan on cramming another seat or two into the plane.

Enough is enough says a US passenger rights group called It says that the authorities should ban airlines from further reducing the size of seats on planes calling the diminishing sizes of seats and shrinking legroom, an ‘intolerable situation” for passengers.

The organisation has 50,000 members and, as of early September, had 30,000 signatures to this petition. The petition includes a timeframe of 45 days for acceptance by the FAA or assumes that after that date – which will be the 10th of October – it will not be taken up.

Airlines can decide on whatever seat width they wish – there seem to be no rules. The average is about 17-18 inches which would be about 43-46 centimetres. My shoulder width is 47 centimetres, not wide by modern standards. I still end up hunched if I get the middle seat. The cause that has taken up affects us in Europe too as I am unaware of any width rules affecting airlines based here.

The petition claims that the seat width should not be reduced citing health concerns as one of the reasons. An inability to move easily because of being wedged in might be the strongest argument the organisation could make for seat widths not to be reduced any further.

Will the FAA do anything because if it does it will probably affect European airlines as well? After October 10th we might know


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