The Toblerone effect

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Toblerone 3 for 2 at Heathrow

Toblerone 3 for 2 at Heathrow

Does anyone buy Toblerone bars other than in airport duty free shops? And they aren’t small bars of chocolate either. Most are large and some are huge. Are these eaten or given as gifts because the traveller can’t think of anything else to buy?

My main bugbear though, is that it is always Toblerone that has multi-pack offers. It has seemed to be the case that, ever since I began flying when bi-planes were a novelty, there seems to have been 3-for-2 offers on the bars. Can readers ever recall a time when this wasn’t the case?

Is a Toblerone bar the confectionary equivalent of those furniture retailers who always seem to have sales?

Is this the only way they can be sold? Do people think that part of the holiday “experience” is cramming as many bars of Toblerone into their baggage as possible? Is Toblerone now synonymous with airport travel as are security lines, 25 year-old malt whisky’s and oversized “exclusive” airport paperbacks that are too big for you hand-luggage?

Maybe the manufacturers produce too many bars and they can only move stock by flogging three at once before the use-buy date passes by? Could it be that passengers don’t just buy one because they think the price is too expensive but that the three-for-two price is reasonable? Do parents buy their children bars because they feeling guilty after shelling out for an expensive bottle of cognac or a carton of cigarettes? Do duty free shops own the brand and that is why they are always on display?

Whatever the reason for the 3-for-2 and the amount of space given over to displaying the bars I have yet to buy one but someone must be. Mustn’t they?

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