Smiley faces don’t indicate customer satisfaction

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How was it for you machine

How was it for you machine

Installing a machine with smiley/unhappy faces at airports seems to be the latest fad. What a waste of money!

Does anyone in the right mind think that by pressing a button with a smiley or un-smiley face means anything? If an airport like Heathrow or Singapore really thinks that they are measuring customer satisfaction relating to toilets or security checks then they are deluding themselves. More to the point they are hoodwinking the public into thinking that this is useful whereas it is nothing more than a sop to the public so that they might think the airports are concerned with customer satisfaction. In truth do they really care when they employ such childish toys?

The reason that I use the words “childish toys” s because that was what was happening at Heathrow terminal 5. Children were pressing the buttons last Saturday evening thinking that it was great fun. I saw the same child press it at least four times in just a few minutes. What possible benefit is that to the airport?

But in a month or six months’ time, up will pop a press release saying that X% of the users at Heathrow are very satisfied or deem the security system at terminal 5 excellent. Some senior manager will be reporting how good/bad the results are but maintaining always that the views of the customer are important to them and the customer comes first.

What tosh!

If the customer matters get rid of these useless playthings and install an efficient customer satisfaction monitoring system.

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