Plague reaches the London Dungeon

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"plague" is rife at the London Dungeon

“plague” is rife at the London Dungeon

We have remembered many events and achievements in the last few years but do we want to remember the Great Plague of 1665?

It was in the September of 1665 – 350 years ago – that one of the most devastating plagues of all hit London. To avoid it, the court of King Charles II decamped to Oxford. The ordinary person couldn’t and they suffered and died in their tens of thousands. By the time the plague ended, 20% of the population of London had died.

The London Dungeon has prepared for its own outbreak of the disease, just in time for Halloween, that time of the year when scary things seem to appeal as no other things do. You can meet the Dungeon’s resident Plague Doctor, sinister and unfathomable behind his beak-like mask (that’s where the phrase ‘quack’ doctor comes from) as he examines YOU for signs of disease, contagion, and general putridness. Just WHO has the OUTBREAK infected?  Those who show signs of the plague (boils, sweating, twitching – or generally looking shifty) should prepare to receive the Doctor’s ‘mark’.

And as this is the Dungeon, they have gone overboard to attract the kids and give them a scary treat. Once deep inside the Dungeon guests will journey through disease-ridden streets and encounter the Plague Doctor’s Assistant, who is training to be a fully-fledged ‘Quack Doctor’.  Those marked as infected will be singled out for extra special treatment.  Expect leeches, bloodletting and any number of crazy ‘cures’.   Those who escape infection will still be in for a coffin full of scary fun!

Those who survive will be unleashed into the rest of the Dungeon where 1000 years of London’s murky past awaits, with murderous characters from Jack the Ripper to Guy Fawkes and Sweeney Todd, plus plenty of edge of the seat surprises and two thrilling rides.

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