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The, Canary Isles could be big winners next year but prices will probably rise

The, Canary Isles could be big winners next year but prices will probably rise

As the summer holiday season draws to a close, some people will have booked their holiday for 2016. What might they expect in the way of prices?
This looks to have been a bumper season for the industry with both Ryanair and easyJet announcing that they have had an increase in passenger numbers. Spain has performed well as has Portugal but Greece and Turkey not to mention Tunisia and Egypt have suffered some more than others. At the moment much of the evidence is anecdotal because tourist authorities will still be waiting for figures.
Generally though, if the industry has a good season what they try to do is push through increases for next year thinking that the market ie us, will accept it. How far they raise prices is the key. Too high and we look elsewhere and book later thinking there might be bargains as there has been this year in parts of Greece and Turkey.
Some holiday companies have told us that Spanish hoteliers are looking for big increases following on from when tour operators switched capacity from Tunisia to mainland Spain, the Canaries and the Balearics. I have heard of increases well into double-digits which will have to be passed on to consumers as that is far more than most tour operators can absorb.
Turkey also was more expensive this year until operators realised that visitors were not booking in large numbers so prices dropped. Might the Turks try to start next summer with higher prices as well and then reassess once the season is under way?
With the lack of sunshine in the UK, domestic hoteliers and tour operators are wondering how many people will book a summer in the UK in 2016. Will people remember this year and plan on going away?
At the moment, Just about Travel cannot see anything other than price rises for most popular destinations next summer. On the plus side, there is always a company or destination that will discount prices. It all depends on how elated or nervous they feel when they see the  bookings  after Christmas are.

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