How dirty is your hotel room?

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I want my hotel room to be as spotless as this one

I want my hotel room to be as spotless as this one

To me, there is nothing so off-putting as entering a less than spotless hotel room. I have changed rooms on finding hairs in the shower or food crumbs scattered around. I can forgive peeling paintwork, fraying carpets and old furniture that has seen better days but I want to believe that where I am about to stay is clean and sanitary.

A recent piece of research from, the German-based reservation service, claims to show where the cleanest and the grubbiest hotel rooms are.

In the UK, hotels in Coventry, Birmingham and London are considered the most likely to be unclean whilst Cardiff is considered to have the cleanest. Not that Cardiff is great having obtained a score of only 8.45 out of 10. Coventry, on the other hand, was 6.94 which was a long way behind Birmingham at 7.62. As readers can see, there isn’t great deal of difference between all of these cities. Why is there no score of 9.99? Or any over 9 at all?

It isn’t much better in Europe. There, Slovenian hotels rate the highest at 8.75 whilst the dirtiest are in Denmark of 7.73, still considerably cleaner than those in Coventry.

I have never thought of Danish hotels as being unclean so can we trust this survey? says that the rating is decided by those who have booked on its site. Those people then rated the hotel at which they stayed on a 0-10 basis. Could the users of the site just be terribly picky by not rating the hotels at greater than 8.75 on average? How many hotels does the rating represent in each country? Is it fair to lump five star hotels with the lowest category that the site displays?

“Cleanliness in European hotels with a score well above seven points can be generally said to be good to very good”, stated Jörg Malang of Hotel.Info. He might be happy with that but I don’t think I am. It leaves me with the impression – and this is probably untrue – that hotel rooms are not as clean as I would like them to be. I think the rating system needs some examination and further explanation otherwise the public will think, like me, that hotels are grubbier than we would like.

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