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Ryanair Business Plus UPDATE: 21st August: Ryanair has announced that it will appeal this judgement thus adding even more delay before a final outcome.

In Manchester County Court this morning an important legal judgement was delivered concerning flight delay compensation.

Although the EU says that you can claim for flight delays up until 6 years afterwards, Ryanair fought a case based on technical arguments suggesting that the limit was two years. Now Judge Platts has ruled in the case of Goel & Trivedi v Ryanair that Ryanair cannot use its small print to limit the time in which people can claim.

Readers will be familiar with the background as we have covered this story before.

Earlier this week, the Civil Aviation Authority issued a penalty against Jet2 and Wizz Air because each of those airlines claimed that there was a two year limit. Why Ryanair wasn’t included was probably because this court case was pending.

But is it clear now that you can claim for delays? Is there yet another legal procedure that airlines can use for wiggle room? The implication for the airlines is considerable with one specialist firm of lawyers, Bott & Co., estimating that Ryanair alone faces compensation claims in the region of £610 million from over 2.5 million people. Jet 2 and Wizz Air will face substantial compensation claims as well as will all airlines and tour operating airlines which have been holding out on claims that are over two years old.

There is anecdotal evidence around to suggest that some companies have been reluctant to even acknowledge claims at all until solicitors or claims agents get involved. Just about Travel recommends all its readers to check their boarding passes or ticket confirmations to refresh their memories to see if they think they are owed compensation. The CAA has a record of delayed flights as do many organisations and they will be able to confirm if a flight was delayed. Any problems and feel free to contact me at the usual address,

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