Belly tickling an Airbus 380

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the size of an A380 dwarfs the two men in the forground. And I had to stretch to "tickle" it

the size of an A380 dwarfs the two men in the forground. And I had to stretch to “tickle” it

I have done few airport tours but when I was at the airport I was told I had to tickle the belly of an Airbus 380.

This huge aeroplane dwarfs any human yet there I was, standing on tip toe to reach and scratch or fondle a Lufthansa A380 that would shortly take off and deliver over 500 passengers to the Far East. The plane is quite overwhelming without the necessity of rubbing it but I was told it was something I should do. What I didn’t get a straight answer to was why? Is it to do with good luck? Is it to ward off evil aviation sprites? Is it to show how short I was and how big the plane is? Whatever the reason I did as I was told as did the other members of this airport tour.

Frankfurt airport is one of the largest in Europe but isn’t one large airport pretty much like any other? That is probably why my guide suggested belly tickling a plane. Just like every attraction that looks for something to differentiate it from others so do airports. But they don’t need to. It is still a novelty for people to be taken airside and given a tour of any airport yet alone one as big as Frankfurt.

You still have to go through a security check and mostly you stay on a bus as it takes around the airport, occasionally stopping to let a large plane taxi in front of it or to allow airport workers to trundle their concertina wagons of baggage to the hold of an aircraft. You see how busy an airport can be as a small city of people go about all those necessary checks and movements to get a plane in or out of the sky every few minutes.

Where people are allowed to make airport tours, it is rare to go airside. I was lucky but it showed how busy, how large and how complex and exciting an airport can be.


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