Barbados or Austria?

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Barbados and Liverpool

Barbados – much more expensice in which to say

Last week over 2 million of us left the UK and Ireland to enjoy our holidays abroad. Usually long in the planning, there is usually something or other that we don’t take into account and that could be how much things cost.

Yes, we’ve looked at the exchange rates and may even have seen how the pound has fluctuated since we last holidayed but rarely do we look at how much things will cost once we get to our holiday destination.

Santander released a piece of research that shows that Barbados is one place where our purse strings might get stretched. There, Santander estimates that we will probably have to spend more than £100 per day – up by over 38% over four years – whereas if we had holidayed in Poland or India, we would probably be spending just a third of that. Hong Kong experienced he highest increase over the same period as costs more than doubled but it is still cheaper to say there than it is in Barbados.


picture postcard Tyrol which is cheaper than it was

But staying in Austria and Switzerland – both seen as expensive countries – actually dropped by 11%.

Despite these costs, Brits are still determined to have a holiday and will borrow or give up things in order to pay for that holiday. Just under a third of us will dip into their savings, 18% will use a credit card and eight per cent will either take a loan or receive money from friends or family.  Over a third (36%) of us will cut back on social activities such as meals out to help pay for their trip, while 19% will spend less on clothes for example say Santander.

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