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VirginAtlanticI want an upgrade because I want to get to her destination quicker! That was one of the attempts – my favourite – made to blag an upgrade on Virgin Atlantic.

The airline surveyed over 1000 ground staff and cabin crew, and revealed the funniest requests for upgrades and some of them are beauties.

Here is a list of some of the best.

One gentleman requested an upgrade so he wouldn’t have to sit next to his wife so is now a divorced man?

A young man hoped an upgrade would mend his broken heart after being dumped on his birthday

A father travelling with his family wanted to be upgraded as his baby was teething and he wanted a good sleep. Needless to say his wife wasn’t impressed says the airline so I assume she was standing next to him at the time. He might also have gone through the divorce courts by now.

A very famous magician offered to perform magic tricks for the crew in return for an upgrade and finally a businessman asked for an upgrade as he was in Economy but his boss was in Premium – he wanted an upgrade to Upper Class so he could wave at his boss from the bar.

Some of the more common reasons revealed by the survey included the fact that it was the person’s birthday or that they were on the honeymoon. It is well known that Sir Richard Branson is a gregarious sort of chap who knows a lot of people but another common reason was that the person was a friend of his. How many friends can one person have?

During the month of August, each week, the airline is encouraging customers to tweet their #BestRequest for a chance to be upgraded.  I hope the airline releases the list of the best answers.

There is one reason that I have heard which hasn’t been listed by the company. “I am a travel journalist and I’ll give you a good write-up in my next story.” If I had a penny for every time I have heard a journalist use that line I would be rich!


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