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brazilThe reason given by the Brazilian tourist board for the large increase in British visitors is the world cup.

Last year here was a 30% increase in the number of us visiting the South American country as 217,003 of us headed south of the equator. Since the World Cup was held there a few years ago, the number of British holidaymakers has doubled. In all 6,429,852 million visitors went to Brazil and the British increase was three times the average increase that Brazil enjoyed.

As you might expect, neighbouring countries were strong in visitor numbers with Argentinians being the largest source of visitors proving over a quarter of international visitors. Just three countries – Argentina, USA and Chile are responsible for a third of all international visitors.

The answer for this interest, as I said, is next year’s world cup. Surely some visitors travelling there now aren’t going to return next year as well? The reason for travelling now is that sufficient people have been excited by the media stories to go and want to see the country. They must have thought that it was better to go now before visitor number increase further and so they can sit in front of their TV sets watching the games and say that they’ve been there.

In that case, visitor numbers will probably stay strong this years as well but next year will only sports fanatics go? And in 2017, will there be a slump in visitor numbers as often occurs after an Olympic year?

Not if the Brazilian ministry of tourism has its way. They are promoting the creation of official “Special Areas of Touristic Interest,” places where investors will have a credit incentive and better licensing rules in order to improve the country’s tourism infrastructure. They are also organising the tourism board – Embratur – again so can a newly organised body deliver on what Brazilian politicians want?

So if you are holidaying in Brazil this summer, you’ll see more British than ever before doing exactly the same thing.

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