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Disneyworld celebrating halloween

No wonder there is a big grin if Mickey is fleecing UK and German holidaymakers

I refrained from using the headline most media chose this morning – taking the mickey – about the EU announced probe into pricing.

That could be why the story received so much coverage. Sub-editors dream of headlines adore the ones they chose today.

Given how long it will take the EU to decide on what to do, I thought I would make no mention until the results came through but the statement from Eurodisney made me change my mind. They said “When purchased directly with Disneyland Paris, the cost of a basic resort package – without promotional offers – is identical across all markets, give or take exchange rates.”

Give or take exchange rates, I beg to differ.

For British visitors using the UK website and booking a mini ticket – meaning for low season use – a day pass costs £51 (about €72) for an adult and £45 (about €63) for a child. Looking at the German website, the price would be €62 and €55 for a child.

But if I booked on the French website I would pay just €47 and €41 for a child.

I make it that if you book on the British website, you will pay 50% more and over 25% on the German one. Eurodisney, the owners also say that sometimes there are special promotions which might affect pricing and cause disparities. Encouraging those living in France to visit the loss-making attraction seems reasonable given that they can travel there easier than we or the Germans can but a 50% discount

The pound has appreciated against the euro this year but even on a £1 – €1 basis, we pay a few euros more. And £1 has never equalled €1. The worse I can remember was about £1 = €1.10. Even at that rate we would be about 20% worse off than French based people.

If it is proven that the pricing is discriminatory, do we get the difference repaid to us? Probably, the company will just be fined and told to mend its ways. Once again, it could be we the holidaymakers who get short-changed. Again.

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