Adrenalin rushes at Conkers

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Nat Forest conkersAt the beginning of this week, a new feature opened at CONKERS, the visitor attraction in The National Forest in the East Midlands.

Called the Hi and Lo Ropes Aerial Adventure experience CONKERS claim that it will be one of the most physically-challenging outdoor adventure courses in the country for visitors and families to complete and enjoy.

The Hi Ropes adventure has 15 aerial sections to complete including climbing nets, high level walkways, and more. The course is around 30 feet above the ground but participants are always clipped on to the safe roller system.

The Lo Ropes course is designed for younger visitors so that they can traverse and build confidence. It offers 10 different and exciting stage challenges. The course is up to 10 feet above the ground and, once again, participants are always clipped on to the safety rail as they negotiate the obstacles.

There are some other features that visitors might like to try. The Climbing Wall is 30 feet high which uses two auto-belay systems to ensure that climbers are always safe. The Powerfan Descender is 40 feet high and here, you step off the platform and experience the sensation of free-falling before your descent is slowed at the last minute.

Finally there is the 110 metre Zip Wire.

The Hi and Lo Ropes experience is an extra on top of the normal admission price.

Based near Moira in Leicestershire, CONKERS is a mix of indoor and outdoor experiences across 120 acres of maturing woodlands, lakes, ponds, play areas and an 18-stage assault course challenge.




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