Biggest fun fair on the Rhine

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the biggest funfair - Dusseldorf

the biggest funfair – Dusseldorf

One of the world’s largest fun fairs and one of the biggest visitor draws in Europe begins in a fortnight’s time in Dusseldorf. Schützenfest 2015 is a mix of traditional and modern German fest. Around 4 million visitors annually have been joining one of the world’s top outdoor family parties in recent years. Dating back over 690 years the ten day celebration is today one of the most popular German summer events.

The fair ties together tradition and modern entertainment in one of the most extensive and colourful outdoor festivals in the world: Visitors will find not only the German fest staples – beer tents with live music, costumed servers, and German fest food delicacies from savory to sweet: sausage, roast, pig knuckles to potatoes and sauerkraut to apple cake and ginger bread and much more – but also state-of-the-art rides, including some of the world’s biggest temporary rides for kids of all ages. Even the event’s start is a show of superlatives:  3,000 uniformed marksmen on horseback and foot, marching bands and other traditional teams make their way through Düsseldorf’s streets in what is one of Germany’s largest parades and kick-off for the fair. The actual Fun Fair will take place for the 114th time this year in its current location: the vast Rhine meadows on the Rhine River right across the city’s centre and easily reachable by foot, ferries, and public transportation.

It all begins on July 17th and draws visitors from the surrounding Ruhr Region, one of Europe’s most densely populated areas with 53 connected cities and 18 million residents in a 40 mile radius – giving the event much local character at world-class proportions and making it, so the organisers claim, of the best-kept secrets on the international mega outdoor festival circuit.

Dusseldorf is well connected to the UK with direct flights from eight airports outside the London area making it almost a place you could visit for just a day out as the flight is about 70-90 minutes..

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