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From Teletext Holidays comes some research which suggests that many of us are quite intolerant when we are on holiday. Or at least those surveyed by the company are.

There seems to be a long list of things that irritate us. Are we just a bunch of grumpy old men and women types?

According to the company nearly a third of us get irritated by those who takes images of every meal or drink that we buy and then post them on Instagram. Nearly as many of us are vexed by kids playing games on their tablets with the volume turned up. The third most annoying antic is using selfie sticks regardless of the surroundings and nearby people. Following is one that irks me which is using the speakers attached to your smart phone or tablet to listen to music so that passengers even some distance away hear the monotonous drone of the staccato noise.

All of this suggests that the things that irk us the most are very recent inventions and have replaced things like children, seemingly out-of-control, tobacco fumes being blown in faces and a shortage of public loos. Or maybe those surveyed by the company aren’t that representative at all of the general public.

More interestingly – and probably of more important to the travel trade – is the fact that the research seems to show that about 10% of us leave it until as late as two weeks before our holidays to book something thinking that we will still be able to get good deals. The research claims to show that 41% believe that price is the most important factor in determining our booking our holiday habits. That means that as many as a third of us have yet to book a summer holiday this year and we’ll be bargain hunting. But if that’s true, then we are looking in very narrow confines because the research also suggests that 46% of us like to return to the same destination. That still means that 54% of are on the look-out for something new.

If true, the travel industry might be blitzing us soon with promotions.

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