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Warsaw - beating Sheffield to the overall European title

Warsaw – beating Sheffield to the overall European title

Customer satisfaction is a fickle business and therefore, extremely difficult to assess from one minute to another. What pleases one person isn’t necessarily acceptable to another. Still it serves as a guide until the next results come along.

The booking portal, Hotel Info has released its latest study of how UK and European cities are perceived by those that visit them. Based on 6 million responders it covers only those that used their portal so it is biased in that sense but there are few surveys that cover destinations; most look at individual hotels.
Therefore there are some problems with looking at the information provided by Hotel Info. It aggregates satisfaction ratings given to a B&B as well as a five star hotel and everything in between.
Sheffield was the overall winner and the company says that the reason is that hotels in Sheffield especially distinguish themselves with an above average quality/price ratio as well as a high standard of service and very friendly personnel.” The runner-up is Liverpool followed by Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh.Neither of the capital cities of wales and Northern Ireland – Cardiff and Belfast – make the top ten but London does manage to scrape in at number ten. That London didn’t perform very well comes as no great surprise. It has the largest concentration of types of accommodation, receives the largest number of vsiitors both domestic and overseas and people’s expectations will be higher.

Amongst European capital cities, all bar one city in the top six were all based in Eastern Europe which may indicate something but I’m not sure what. Warsaw, Bratislava and Sofia were the top three with Zagreb at five and Budapest at six. Helsinki was the city that split the first three for the fifth and sixth spot. Amsterdam, Paris and London didn’t make the top 10 rankings.

Interestingly though, those top six European cities all did better than the UK winner, Sheffield suggesting that our accommodation providers as a whole need to sharpern their acts.

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