Holidaying to get the most for your money

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Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where you will have a lot more spending money this year

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where you will have a lot more spending money this year

From FAIRFX, the foreign exchange company comes a list of where you get more from your money than last year. There also have a list of where you’ll get less than last year.

Brazil will get you the best deal over 2014 as you will get just over a quarter more than last year. Even the Turkish lire has continued to decline despite the large number so visitors going there. You will get just under a fifth more for your pound than last year. The third country is a bit of a surprise given how expensive most of us think it is to stay there, The Swedish kroner has lost 18% of its value against sterling so this might be the time to take advantage of those rates and go there if you haven’t already been.

You will get about 14% more for you money if you decide to holiday in the Czech Republic.

The euro has not had a good year so if you holiday in any of the euro countries and many are very popular holiday destinations like France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Greece you will save yourself about 13% over this time last year. That also applies to popular short break destinations like Belgium, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Another popular holiday spot is Croatia where you will save a similar amount when you convert sterling to kuna.

Further afield, you will save about 10% more in Mexico and 8% more in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

But there are some places where you will get less for each pound this year. You’ll get 8% less in China and 7% less in the United States which is certainly concerning the tourist people as I found out last week. They are hoping that the American dream will compensate for the fewer dollars you will get.

Two other popular holiday destinations will also deliver less local cash than in 2014. In Vietnam you will get about 5% less and in Thailand about 4% less.

Of course with lists like this, you also need to take into account the cost of getting to the country in the first place. It may be better to go to a country where the pound buys a little less but the airfare is cheaper. And by the time you holiday there might be currency movements. Wherever you go, buying online will get you more cash than buying it at the last moment at the airport, railway station or port.


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