Best day trip from Buenos Aires: Colonia del Sacramento

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When the bustle of Buenos Aires gets to much – as it will –  escape the hustle by retreating to Colonia del Sacramento, a characterful town that’s resistant to bright lights and late nights.

There’s little to keep you here for longer than a couple of days but, if you’re  looking for an antidote to busy urban life, unsung Colonia del Sacramento hits the spot. It’s the perfect place to decamp, escape and unwind.

Think it’s a faff to get to, being in another country and all? Not so. Crossing the river that separates Argentina and Uruguay by ferry, takes just as long as crossing Buenos Aires by bus.

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And while Colonia is on the tourist trail, it’s not packed with visitors (unless you foolish enough to go at the weekend) meaning you’ll never feel as though you are a trudging a well worn path.

On disembarking the boat, chances are you’ll feel as though a veritable time machine has transported you to the past: the UNESCO listed town is all cobblestone streets and aesthetically pleasing plazas – making it one of those rare places that looks stunning at any time of year.

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The best thing to do, is to explore Colonia del Sacramento’s winding streets on foot, sniffing out its nooks and crannies and enjoying its picture perfect street life. Then retreat to a cosy cafe or restaurant to read the papers.

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For a tiny town, Colonia hums with places to eat but JAT can vouch for Lentas Maravillas. The menu won’t set your pulse racing, but this Santa Rita restaurant is a reliable choice for the freshest fish you’ll ever eat and delicious drinks which can be enjoyed at any time of day. But be warned: prices – as for all restaurants in Colonia del Sacramento – are surprisingly high.

Friendly locals are a further surprise. Forget Luis Suarez’s antics at last year’s World Cup (the Uruguay striker bit Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini, in his country’s final group game in Brazil), for hospitality is a national obsession. Consequently open armed locals will welcome you like family – everyone you meet will know somebody who has a friend, who has a cousin who can help you out…

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All told if you really want to impress your Instagram followers, Colonia del Sacramento is the place to do it: magical really doesn’t do the town justice.

Getting there
Buquebus runs daily ferries from Buenos Aires to Colonia. Tickets aren’t cheap so for the best possible deals, book in advance.

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