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as good as anything that Chelsea will see this week

as good as anything that Chelsea will see this week

It is Chelsea Flower Week but you don’t have to head for London to see stunning gardens by trendy designers, brilliant blooms are carefully sculpted foliage arrangements. You can go to Shrewsbury railway station instead.

There nestling between the railway lines you will see a colourful yellow display to brighten any morning traveller. Or at any other time of the day. Look at how the plunging green foliage melds the ground flowers and lifts the eye to see the whole panorama from track bed to sky. Artistic or what?

When you think of the hours that those lucky enough to display a Chelsea garden must have put in, then it is nothing compared to what Network Rail or Arriva Trains or whoever has spent at the station in Shrewsbury. Of the seven tracks at Shrewsbury, at least three of them have the yellow sprouting flowers, some as tall as eighteen inches – growing and brightening a rather drab piece of track, aging buildings and the usual motley collection of rubbish that cannot “dress” the lines as brilliantly as flowers can.

It must have taken so much time to allow the seeds to spread and cover so much ground. Planning must have started ages ago for them to have managed to cover so much track bed by this time.

Did the signalmen re-route trains so that their dirty diesel belching engines didn’t damage the flower growth? Was fertiliser and appropriate watering carried out to maximise the flower-heads? How many people were given these responsibilities on top of their normal station duties or were they all volunteers? Has Network Rail entered the whole effect into the Shrewsbury Flower Show this coming August?

But surely Metwork rail you need to explain yourselves? Why all the yellow? No blues, reds or mauves to bloom or do those come later in the year so visitors get an all-year round colour?

It’s obvious really; they aren’t creating a flower exhibit, they are farming. The yellow rape seed flowers are probably beung nurtured and then willl be harvested to produce rape seed oil giving Network Rail another revenue stream. Trains are probably being re-engineered with snow-ploughs being replaced with ordinary ones to harvest the crop and brought to market as Dr Beeching’s Rape Seed Elixir.

Or did someone forget to put the weedkiller down this year?

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