Rail strikers ruin our bank holiday

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empty stations for the bank holiday?

empty stations for the bank holiday?

Am I exaggerating? Will a national railway strike starting at 5pm on our bank holiday weekend next May really ruin it?

Probably yes, because those that pop away for the long weekend will come back earlier to avoid the closedown which means the trains will be even more congested than they usually are on a bank holiday Monday. Some may even return on Sunday which will cut even further into the holiday. For commuters on Tuesday, they could be badly hit.

Is this grandstanding and might the strike be called off at the last moment?

The strike is about pay for signallers, maintenance staff and station workers rather than drivers on the trains.

Will the impact be as bad as at first sight? People will be inconvenienced by having no station staff but most will probably be able to cope. My local station is unmanned anyway and we have no ticket machines either. For one day, you could probably do without maintenance staff by signallers, you do need even if much of the network is automated.

The unions say that they have no other option than to strike; Network Rail says otherwise.

The public doesn’t care about whether an extra £500 pa is justified or not. Especially as it pays a small fortune for tickets and puts up with crowded services anyway at some times of the day. Once again, you wonder whether sensible people are in charge of both sides of the story and whether strikes affect ting public services should be disallowed.



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