Al Murray in Weimar

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Fourteen greats on the list. And Murray!

Fourteen greats on the list. And Murray!

When Al Murray plays the pub landlord he is nothing if not opinionated. He is even standing in the general election today in a Kent constituency which, as readers know is not that close to the heart of Germany.

It was a little surprising, then, to find a doodle of his, framed and hung, hanging at the Elephant Hotel in Weimar.

This German city that has seen so many figures from the arts connected to it has another – Murray. As you can see from the appalling photograph I took (it is hung in a dark corridor and I couldn’t get the light glare removed regardless of where I sttod. There’s no way I was going to Photoshop an image in Just about Travel) lit by, he drew images or doodles around the names of fourteen people connected either with the hotel or Weimar although at some stages in history the two were intimately connected.

Murray includes Pink Floyd on his list and that is a piece of news that you won’t find in the guidebooks or hear from the guides when you visit the city. And there are a lot of guided tours. In just one morning I counted seven tours being taken around the old town and all stopped in front of the Elephant to explain it’s role in the history of Weimar.

Murray’s little doodle sits side-by-side with the photographs or stories of some of the giants of the arts establishment like Bach, Liszt, Wagner, Thomas Mann (whose novel, Lotte in Weimar, envelops the hotel in the story) as well as some that the city does not hide such as Hitler, Goering and Ribbentrop.

To this list, five years ago was added the name Murray. The question is whether he will return to Weimar in the future as an MP after tomorrow or just as the pub landlord!


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