Duty free prices

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Gin - duty freeIs it worth buying items at duty free outlets at airports any more?

Apart from the problems of picking up something to buy and being told that you can’t as you aren’t leaving the EU, the prices and pricing of some items doesn’t make it worthwhile. Signs scream at you with 2 of 1 or 3 for 2 offers which is irritating when you are travelling on your own. If I did buy do buy two bottles, chances are that customs would spot my guilty face and stop me. And does anyone really want three big rolls of Toblerone?

When it comes to price, I can buy it cheaper on the high street and as much as I won’t so why bother. I looked three gins; Gordons, Bombay Sapphire and Greenalls and all could be bought in litre bottles at my local supermarket for a cheaper price. The only thing other than the pricing that was different was the range. There were gins that I had never heard of and all above £30 per bottle so was I really tempted by those? What do you think?

The same applies to shirts. On the high street I don’t buy designer labelled shirts, I buy ones I like and if it is Pierre Cardin or whoever it is pure chance. The prices might be duty free but inexpensive they aren’t. So why can’t there be suppliers that are more price-attuned to the mass market?

It used to be a slogan that you wouldn’t pay more for items at an airport than you would buy in the high street. It seems those days are gone.

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