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Borough Market - French style - one of my favouite London spots

Borough Market – French style – one of my favouite London spots

Once a year the New York Times produces a Europe issue in its Travel section. Last Sunday was when it appeared.

The main feature was about their (or at least their contributors) favourite streets in twelve European cities. London was one of the cities selected so which streets were chosen as being ”favourite” by the writer, Andrew Ferren?

He chose Pimlico Road, a smallish road that runs from Chelsea Bridge Road and Buckingham Palace Road just north of the Victoria Coach Station. It can’t even be more than a couple of hundred metres long so why this road in particular? Ferren chose it because of the shops that line the street that he was introduced to by an interior designer friend. This is where you can find furniture and upholstery at a price which isn’t what you and I might want to pay. The rest of us are more likely to window gaze.

More interestingly are the 112 comments  (at the time of writing) that have been added to the New York Times’ Facebook page by contributors anxious to put their two pennyworth in.  Fairly easily guessed streets are suggested such as the Portobello Road, Brick Lane, (best curry houses in London?) Mount Street,  Camden passage, Carnaby Street, (really?) Kensington Gardens, The Mall and the South Bank.

What intrigued me are others that, I must confess, I do not know. Marchmont Street is advocated by Renny Glover and Harlesden Street by Qasim Imtiaz. One reader reminds people that there are cities  outside London where the people are friendlier but he doesn’t suggest a single street. Nathan Birnbaum, on the other hand, suggests six including the South Bank, Bermondsey Street and Kensington Church Street plus walks linking some of them.

The British Library in euston Road has cafes and free wifi. Plus the odd book and manuscript as well!

The British Library in Euston Road has cafes and free wifi. Plus the odd book and manuscript as well!

No-one suggested places like Trafalgar Square whcih provides entrance to both the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery and the square itself with a new satue on the fourth plinth and the calming sight of St Martins-in-the-Fields on the east side. No-one suggested the Euston Road with ts combination of the British Library, Madame Tussauds,  churches and regency buildings. No-one suggested the Charing Cross Road with its bookshops even though sometimes it has a tawdry feel. No-one suggested Borough Market where the cuisne range is broad and the food good or somhwere like Burlington Arcade or Jermyn Street which hark back to an earlier age but still provide fascinating shops. And all of these are in central London before you even cross the river to some of the Battersea Streets with their kerbside, trendy restaurants.

The other cities covered in the special edition are Madrid, Lisbon, Istanbul, Berlin, Bern, Milan. Paris, (with an interactive video) San Sebastian, Oslo, Vienna and Prague.

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