The Cardiff discount card

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Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

For £4, you can now buy a Cardiff Visitor card. Compared to the sum you might pay for a city pass, is this good value and what do you get for your money?

If you buy a traditional city card, you can expect to pay anything from £20-£100 or the equivalent and for that you get free entry into various museums, galleries, attractions and sometimes even free travel on the train, bus or tram network. The problem many people find is that they cannot enjoy enough of the attractions to justify the cost and the discount pass becomes an expensive luxury. Payng the gate price for the two or three things that you might do would have worked cheaper. If you can manage a lot of things then the pass would work out to be a good deal.

The Cardiff Visitor Card is a great deal cheaper but doesn’t give you any free entry into any paying attractions so is it worth it? You get 10% off entry into Cardiff Castle will save you £1.20 and 10% off the Doctor Who Experience down in the Bay will save you another £1.60. You can get a free Family Tree Trail at Bute Park which will save you £1 and you can save, potentially, over £1 on parking if you park down in the Bay so you can make your money back.

Savings will be substantially more than the £4 you pay for the card if you stay at one of those hotels and/or eat at one the restaurants that have signed up to the card. But would you stay there anywhere? Would you eat there? For those that would it is vale-for-money. For those who would pick something a little less expensive, then the card doesn’t assist. And for those who use online booking agencies which over discounts then I found I could do better, in some cases, by booking with them than using the hotels own website.

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