Airport transfer by donkey

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Donkeys at Margate. Not for use as airport transfers!

Donkeys at Margate. Not for use as airport transfers!

Whenever a holiday company, an airline or some other organisation which works with us, the travelling public, it isn’t the usual things that we ask for that cause us to wonder it is the obscure. And someone did ask about donkey transfers on a Cosmos holiday.

It does make you wonder whether, if they had travelled to India they might have asked about elephant transfers and to former  cowboy states in the US like Arizona, Texas or Wyoming whether they would have asked about transfer by horse. The idea of donkeys being tethered outside modern airports like Faro or Gran Canaria is quite surreal in this modern age.

Other interesting queries that Cosmos staff received included the colour of the bed linen and which golf course gives me the best chance of beating my son! I don’t want to know why someone should ask how many underpants they should pack for a seven-day holiday or even whether the Cosmos Concierge Service will do my packing but I am intrigues as to why one person queried which brand of bacon the accommodation’s chefs used. It does rather suggest that the holidaymaker concerned was not going to try the local cuisine. That’s a shame because surely sampling the local food is part of an overseas holiday other why not just settle for a holiday at home?

Luckily, in my opinion, most holidaymakers – or at least Cosmos ones – aren’t like that. The second most often query made is which restaurant is recommended to try the local cuisine. The most often asked question is where is the best secluded beach which, with my cynical mind, does make me wonder why they want it secluded. Obviously, just for some peace and quiet.



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