Will the drachma return?

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Money-SavingNot if the range of tourism related industry bosses that lined up in Berlin last week is anything to go by. The general consensus was that the euro would remain and that an arrangement would be sorted in the best EU diplomatic tradition.

That didn’t stop journalists pressing delegates on the issue and tour operators would be daft not to have some plan B in case the drachma returned. But the Greek government is already finding that its hardline stance of before the election is proving hard to live up to you now that they are in power.

If you are holidaying in Greece this year – and it does look as though it will be another bumper year as British, Irish and German bookings are higher than at this time last year then should you be worried about when to buy your currency. Personally, I would still buy euros because if the “unimaginable” did happen and the drachma returned then you would still be able to use euros in so many other holiday hotspots like Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. That is provided you think you can afford to sit on a couple of hundred pounds in euros without harming your budget.

But if you still have drachmas tucked away in an old jar somewhere, you never know!

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