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the new Acropolis museum reminding us that Grrece has things other countries don't have

the new Acropolis museum reminding us that Grrece has things other countries don’t have

What is the meaning of this word that the new Greek government is using? As it relates to tourism it means that they are trying to incorporate more Greek offerings as part of the overseas visitors’ trip and reduce the amount of standard, international sameness that can exist in their resorts.

For example, before the election, there was talk from the people who took over that they wanted to remove all inclusive holidays because that damaged the local economy in that all the monies spent stayed within the resort. The new minister for tourism has denied that any such ban will take place but that hasn’t stopped the industry from making moves. In some all-inclusive resorts, instead of there being a fairly standard breakfast that you might anywhere in the world there is also a Greek style breakfast laid out for people to help themselves to.

Another thought suggested by the head of the Greek tourist association – SETE – Andreas Andreadis, is that instead of all-inclusives having three or four restaurants for the guests why not add one or two outside ones that guests can use as part of their all-inclusive package? The appeal to investors in all-inclusive resorts is that they get to keep all the cash spent. Would they be prepared to let some drift out of their hands?

The answer may be that if they don’t they will find that the government may return to its previously strongly-held views that all-inclusives are bad for the Greek economy as a whole.

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