What is a destination host?

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ow they are destination hosts, not reps

now they are destination hosts, not reps

The short answer is that they are reps.

Cosmos has decided to rename its reps, destination hosts. Why and will other tour operators follow?

Cosmos says that its research showed that more of its customers wanted help at the destination airports rather than at the destinations themselves. Customers didn’t like fixed-time welcome meetings but for reps – sorry, destination hosts – to be around when and if needed. Customers were talking to the company via skype, social media and texting so hosts needed to have access to all of this.

So for this coming summer season expect to see uniformed Cosmos hosts largely at airports rather than accommodation complexes.

Is this what all packaged holiday customers want or only those using Cosmos? Certainly the younger travellers might but and those less tech-savvy will probably relish not being hounded by reps trying to sell them another excursion. But with all these different points of contact to the customer it will mean that Cosmos hosts will have more opportunity to sell them upgrades, excursions, car hire and other add-ons.

As for whether other tour operators will follow suit, we’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless of what you call these people – hosts, guides, advisors, I really cannot see them being known as anything else other than reps for many years to come.

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