Confusing currencies

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BeatTheBrochure-MoneyGuide-Euros-500x350A piece of research by the online travel agency,Sunshine, seems to show that  knowledge of who is the Eurozone and who uses US dollars is  a little lacking amongst the people who use its services.

When asked, ‘Have you ever accidentally taken the wrong currency with you on holiday?’ 14% of the respondents taking part said that ‘yes’, they had.

The majority of those who took the wrong currency to Turkey (51%) had accidentally taken euros, with the same mistake made by 62% of those who had taken the wrong currency to Egypt. The majority of those who had taken the wrong currency to Canada had taken US dollars (77%) and the majority of those who had taken the wrong currency to Ireland had taken sterling (91%).

Given that many Americans look on Canada as not being “foreign” might explain why people confuse the two thinking that the same currency applies in each. That might also explain why so many people took US dollars to Mexico although I have found no problem in using US dollars there even in some small places.

Because the euro is so widely used now in Europe, is there a preconception that it is valid everywhere within Europe? But do that many people believe that both Egypt and Turkey are in Europe? And now that Australia is in the Eurovision song contest will people now believe that the Aussie dollar doesn’t exist but that the Aussie euro rules down under?

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