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Mykonos - as popular with Germans as it is becoming with us

Mykonos – as popular with Germans as it is becoming with us

Like the UK, travel by German travellers grew last year. And like us, they tend to travel to the same places.

According to Norbert Fiebig, who is president of the German travel association, DRV, Greece grew its holiday market by over 17% which was the only European destination to see double-digit growth. Visitors to Spain grew by nearly 6% and Italy by a fraction over 5% whilst Tunisia was a fraction under.

The Caribbean saw the next biggest increase to Greece at nearly 11%.  Then a change. Unlike the UK, growth in holidays to South America rose over 10% suggesting that either we are not as interested as travelling there or that tour operators are not promoting South American destinations in the same way that German tour operators are.

Kaye will be in South America for us for the next four months sending back regular fortnightly stories from her travels giving readers an opportunity to judge for themselves whether holidays appeal.

The other difference between us is that the cruise market hasn’t grown as much s it is in the UK or even the US. It is in the area that growth is expected especially as there are now 421 cruise ships plying the seas with another 22 on order for 2015.

Some destinations did not do as well last year; fewer Germans – like Britons and Irish – did not travel in great numbers to Egypt which suffered a 15% drop in tourist numbers from Germany alone. This year, however, it looks as though there is a rebound. Surprisingly, there were fewer German travellers to two other well-established destinations which suffered no disasters, no horrendous weather problems and no political instability –Morocco and Cyprus.

Unlike us, Germans tend to book a long time in advance; they seem to plan much more than we do and there are fewer people who book at the last minute or who act spontaneously to offers and stories in the press or film and television programmes which showcase destinations. They prefer to take note of these things but incorporate it into their travel thinking for the next holiday.

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