The rise of the fitness holiday

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 atypical spa recreation room

a typical spa recreation room today

Over the last few years it seems that every other hotel is offering a spa to complement their existing leisure facilities.

Tourist boards, destinations and resorts provided this vague thing called “wellbeing.” Running tracks around the larger hotels have been commonplace for years but now one tour operator – handily called The Healthy Holiday Company – claims that it has monitored a rise in the number of hotels offering quite extensive  and intensive fitness classes as well. Are the days of the beach bum and couch potato numbered?

It is not just in the UK that this is happening. The company claims to have spotted this growth as far afield as Portugal, Turkey and Thailand. There are classes in yoga and pilates, and even spa treatments included in the basic rate as laces try to differentiate themselves and attract more guests. In Thailand there is even a fitness bootcamp which makes me query the use of the word “holiday” to describe it!

Of course this expansion doesn’t just occur because a hotel company decided to provide these facilities. It does it because there is a demand and that demand has grown quite substantially over the last twenty years. One a holiday was seen as a chance to relax from everyday routine. Now the word has been hijacked to mean anything that takes you away from home for a few days or more. I defy anyone to say that a bootcamp is a holiday. A punishment perhaps for over-indulgence but a holiday, never.


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