Are you a “Passionate sun-seeker?”

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ruska time in Finland

Ruska time in Finland. Is this for an “Honest Forest Guard?”

From Visit Finland comes a bit of fun called Finnscope. It is a microsite encouraging people to discover their Finnish horoscope. Visitors enter their date of birth and Finnscope draws on traditional Finnish characteristics and seasons to assign a native horoscope, along with a description of their Finnish personality traits.

The fact that you can feed in any date enables you to have some fun with friends or even enemies. Would you have described David Cameron, for instance, as an “Honest Forest Guard” or Nigel Farage as a Wistful Sun seeker?” Farage might be a “wistful fag smoker and drinker” but he doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who sunbathes very often. And when was Cameron ever in a forest except the forest of Westminster?

Nick Clegg is a “Bold Reindeer Herder” and Ed Milliband, a “Curious Santa’s helper.” Does that mean that Milliband comes out only once a year?

David Beckham is a “Gentle Gold Hunter” meaning that work is everything to him. He leaves no stone unturned to reach his goals which sounds fairly accurate. His wife, Victoria is described as a “Shy Birdwatcher” which doesn’t quite add up to the public image so are other celebrities better covered? What about well-known travellers such as Michael Palin?  He is a “Fearless Gold Hunter” whilst the travel editor of The Independent, Simon Calder, is an “Honest Santa’s Helper” whist another Simon – Simon Cowell – is a “Brave Forest Guard like Cameron. The website tells me that this means that both of them would rather observe from a distance than get into the front lines. That doesn’t sound right at all.

I am a “Passionate sun-seeker” which sounds even more unlikely given my skin hasn’t seen the sun’s rays for months!

Underneath all this frivolity is a serious role. When you use the website to see your trait, it takes you into a guide to Finland where you can enjoy what it thinks fits your profile.

But I bet most of us just do what I did and look at how the profiles match me and some others. Visit Finland will be hoping we explore more about their country as well.

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