Airport queueing relieves stress

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queues at Heathrow

This is good for two thirds of us?

Some startling news has landed in my in-tray. Research says that we have had enough of waiting in line at airports!

Who would have thought it?

Indeed it gets worse. The survey results from Holiday Extras claim that “Half (43%) believe airport queues make them feel like cattle.” I won’t bother to point out that 43% is not half nor that the research means that 57% of us – that is, more than half – obviously feel that queueing does not make us feel like cattle which is surely a better story than telling us that we do!

Who isn’t tired of queueing whether it be at an airport, a waiting room, a bus stop or even to visit an exhibition. Does the rest of the research tell us anything we don’t know?

The press handout highlights the fact that just over a third of us (35%) find queueing stressful. So two-thirds of us don’t find it stressful. Wouldn’t a better approach be that if you visit an airport and queue up fo a while, two-thirds of us won’t end up getting stressed. The conclusion is that airports then must be relaxing places fo some of us so shouldn’t airports fling open wide their doors and offer us leisure days where we can lose the everyday stress of our lives by joing any old queue to help us relieve that pressure. An airport is a bit like a detox clinic then?

If you believe any of that rubbish then you join me in wondering about the value of yet another piece so of so-called research



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