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tahiti - as Gauguin often say it and which still colours our view of it today

Tahiti – as Gauguin often saw it and which still colours our view of it today

Think Tahiti and images of perfect sandy beaches baked in sunshine, pearling luggers serenely and gently sailing through the archipelagos and sarongs spring to mind. It isn’t quite like that. People also consider that it is expensive and one of those holidays that you might only do once in a lifetime. It needn’t necessarily be like that either. The Pacific Franc which is pegged to the euro, means that we will get more for our money as the euro has weakened against sterling.

To get there, you have to reallystart from France where there are direct flights. Air Tahiti serves 41 of the local islands and you can buy an air pass on internal flights if you are planning to see a number of the islands. There are also ferries as an alternative but some of these run only once a week.

But on Tahiti itself, the capital, Papeete, is the centre of the main festivals like the Hura Tapairu (a traditional dance festival in November and December and Heiva, the largest cultural festival in Tahiti.

Many holidaymakers get out of the capital and enjoy what Tahiti is famous for, surfing, fresh seafood, dolphin and whale watching and enjoying the lifestyle. As a honeymoon destination, Tahiti rivals some of the Caribbean islands and more and more couples are honeymooning there as they search for that once-in-a-lifetime destination yet still find it reasonable in cost.

Since Paul Gauguin first visited Tahiti in 1891, many of thoughts and images of the islands have been coloured by his striking pictures. After his death as his reputation grew so did people’s interests in the islands. The Gauguin Museum in Papeari, Tahiti and the Paul Gauguin Cultural Center in Altuona in the nearby Marquesas still serve to kindle that interest as does the sale of any of his paintings for yet another multi-million pound sum.

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