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It’s World Travel Weekl© Dan Sperrin

This week is World Travel Week. In an era of  “special” days or weeks for almost anything you could care to mention, is this of any relevance?

World Tourism Day – which is held on September 27th each year – is held to raise awareness of tourism and its effect on social, cultural, political and economic issues. Do we need a World Travel Week as well?

Their website says, “World Travel Week aims to provide avid travellers with advice, hints and tips on travelling without the stress, getting the most out of their time away and making their money go further on holiday. It aims to be the ultimate tourists companion on anything travel orientated, be that from booking the perfect hotel to finding that hidden gem of a destination.”

So for one week of the year, the week is a guidebook, customer enquiry site, travel agency, companion, review site and information resource?

No, it is a media resource that tries to get travel companies to spend money to try and get their name in the media as part of this “special” week.

That’s why you might hear a small news story buried in the media bulletins but why your travel agent has probably heard nothing about it!

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