Is it due to improved customer service?

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carring an extra 5 million passengers in 2014

Two days ago Ryanair announced that, in December, they carried over a million extra passengers compared to 2013. Part of the reason given for this was the success of their “Always Getting Better” customer programme.

Can this be true? The airline doesn’t actually break out why more passengers flew with them just saying that is due to pricing, forward booking strategy and that customer service I mentioned earlier.

Doesn’t that sound to you like they don’t really know why they have more passengers and therefore decided to fling everything they can think of into the press release as a reason so that they could claim that everything they are doing is working? And in particular their much trumpeted customer service strategy which reversed years of  “couldn’t care less about our passengers” into “we deeply care about our passengers.”


carrying an extra four million passengers in 2014

During 2014 in every month since April 2013, Ryanair carried more passengers. In all, an extra five million were carried in 2014 over 2013. Did its main rival, easyJet, do as well? easyJet published their December figures this morning and added an extra four million passengers over 2013’s figure. Ryanair added more passengers than easyJet did  but it did a fill a higher percentage of its seats than Ryanair did suggesting that it is more appealing to passengers  or that it flies to where more people want to go.

But if Ryanair believes that better customer service increases passenger numbers I, for one, am happy that they continue to work harder for us.

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